Team 1 – Genomics and Pathophysiology of Cardiovascular Diseases

Team headed by D.A. Trégouët

Team 1 focuses its research program on – identification of new genes and genetic variants associated to the susceptibility to rare or frequent cardiovascular diseases, – characterization of their functional roles at the molecular and cellular levels, – finding new pathophysiological mechanisms, in the ultimate goal of a better therapeutic management of patients. This research is built on the use of genetic and transcriptomic techniques (“Micro-array” and “Next-Generation-Sequencing”) and on functional studies of identified genes/variants. The main studied diseases are cardiomyopathies, arrhythmias, coronary artery disease and venous thrombosis.

This team is linked to both “écoles doctorales” 515 “Complexité du Vivant” and 393 “Santé Publique: Epidémiologie & Sciences de l’Information Biomédicale”.


Team 6 – NutriOmics: Nutrition and Obesity; Systemic Approaches

Team headed by K. Clément

Team 6 focuses its research on pathophysiological mechanisms underlying the development of human obesity and its comorbidities via translational approaches and systems biology. Several aims are developed: i) to explore the perturbation in organ cross-talks and particularly the role of adipose tissue, ii) to find ways to better stratify the disease and improve cardiometabolic health by innovative therapies.

This team is attached to the “école doctorale” 394 “Physiologie et Physiopathologie”.